Friday, 9 March 2012


In a internet age where the consumer makes the rules, comparison engines have become the norm. It's normal for us to compare utilities, bank loans, credit cards - pretty much anything!

The Cosmetic surgery industry is one of the fastest growing in the UK if Google trends is anything to go by. However in terms of comparison options, its pretty archaic. Many so called cosmetic surgery comparison sites are nothing more than lead generators with a static form which is then sold on to the highest bidder.
is the only true cosmetic surgery comparison site I am aware of which allows patients to actively compare rates, clinics and procedures - all on one platform.

It also comes with reams of content outlining the risks of cosmetic surgery, the benefits, and the things to ask your consultant.

The site has a very 'social' feel, in that there is clearly a large focus on reviews and opinions. Its in its early days so these have yet to be fully populated, but great to see, if not essential for a decision of this important.

Those who know me will know about my involvement in this project. Its a joy to work on because I see it as a true game changer for the industry. Whatever your opinion on cosmetic surgery procedures, an informative impartial comparison site was long overdue.


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