Friday, 5 August 2011


On Monday the 8th the collaboration between Jay-Z and Kanye West: Watch The Throne is set to be released on ITunes.

I will be watching with great interest as the artists have received heavy criticism from from label bosses for the strategy which sees WTT released in a digital version prior to the hard copy. Jay-Z is said to be using this as an experiment to combat bootlegging.

He believes bands are open to bootlegging: " soon as it [the CD] is on the truck".

I noticed that fans are going crazy on Twitter today. Not because they're looking fwd to WTT. But because they cant find a leak!

Looking forward to the outcome of the experiment. Its certainly brave (for a high profile release) but if higher profits are reported, surely others will follow into the main stream?

Lets wait and see...

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Harry Inglis said...

I like that they (or the label) are prepared to subvert the norm in terms of release strategy, however I don't see that this will defeat bootlegging. Surely it'll just be uploaded to illegal download sites/burnt to CD the second it hits the web either way?

I think the best tactic to combat bootlegging is to put a release out the second it hits the radio/is announced by the label: so often I've downloaded illegally because I'm not prepared to wait months for an official release, when a copy is usually only a few clicks away.

Having that availability and immediacy goes someway to deterring a sizable portion of illegal down-loaders, I reckon.

Should be a good album tho!