Thursday, 23 June 2011


If you were at my talk last week at the Enterprise Ireland Social Media club in Dublin you will know that it was all about the shift in media consumption, the stats that confirm the theory and the opportunity to leverage the social graph.

WILL.I.AM (whilst stating the obvious to many of us in the industry) summarises the state of play in the marketing mix pretty well below. I'm always interested in quotes from musicians as they more than anyone have had to adapt to the shift in media consumption trends.

Many of those who embrace change have done very well indeed, in many cases launching independent labels often powered by Social reach. My assumption is that those who are slow to adapt persisting with traditional marketing channels without considering the potential of Digital and indeed Social Media have and will continue to suffer - badly. Not just in the music industry but across the board.

"Right now is a unique time. TV isn't what it used to be, it's now an old technology. TV was social media back in the 80s when you would watch it and talk about it. Devices should have more than one function, why do we still rock like it's the 1990's." WILL.I.AM - Cannes 2011

I often think this when I see marketing plans with a huge spend on media such as TV, Radio or Outdoor measured on panel based trends like RAJAR and BARB. Often there is barely a sliver for digital in the comparative sense. (I accept that I.AM bias)

Mr 'I AM' whilst I wholeheartedly disagree with your musical direction since the glory days of 1990s BEP you're spot on in this instance. :)

People define the channels of consumption, marketeers and agencies are hired to engage brands effectively within them. It just wont work the other way round.

Full article via Media Week

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Ayaleth said...

Let's face advertising on TV dropped despite those amazing advertisement ideas. It's because more and more business and others are focusing on the web.