Wednesday, 1 December 2010


...OK not in reality but digitally and it appears Hollywoods top A-Listers are prepared to join her.

I love this idea. It needs no real explanation from me as the below video does it justice.

It says a lot about how far we have come with Social Media and its perceived value to celebrities as a liberation of their voice on one media outlet. Taking control back from the media so to speak... whether their respective Twitter accounts mean that much to to the average Joe is anyones guess and could be debated at length I'm sure.

What Could be quite interesting/funny however is some sort of rebellious campaign which allows the world public the opportunity to raise more money for World Aids Day to keep them digitally dead longer! I for one would love to watch that unfold!

Given the recent success of X Factors Wagner (HRH) and not forgetting the wonderful Rage Against The Machine For Number One campaign from last Christmas its well within the realms of possibility that this approach would in fact raise more money! (In Britain at least)

The only issue is that this may kill a few Celebrity egos in reality as well as digitally...

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