Thursday, 2 December 2010


When was the last time a piece of Marketing gave you chills? Well you would have to be a robot not to get excited by the latest piece of experiential by Ralph Lauren.

I have just spent the last 7 minutes aghast at the Ralph Lauren 4D Experience. I have seen this sort of thing before. But NEVER with such meticulous innovation and planning.

All in Glorious full screen HD picture and sound. (Please view in this format if at all possible...)

There are so many reasons to be impressed with this campaign aside from the obvious.

Here are my top three...

Firstly: Brands have a relatively short window to go get a season range ready for a regular Fashion show, let alone planning 4d integration into a static building so it looks flawless.

Secondly: Fashion Shows are deemed over the top by many with crazy themes and unwearable clothing. However they are about creating buzz and pushing the boundaries this serves to re-enforce the notion that creativity still exists within the fashion house itself and is at its core driving the mass market brands. How fitting then that digital innovation takes pride of place at Ralph Lauren.

Thirdly: This is an interesting take on content aimed primarily at the digital/Social Media environment. Sure, it makes a great live show for the critics and a great PR story for the traditional media. But where it really comes to life is within the Social Media environment. Its never been easier to express to the masses your love for a brand or for something a brand is responsible for. It works... you are digesting my opinion right now and whether or not you agree with it, your awareness of the brand has risen. Content like this mobilises genuine digital evangelists and arguably in marketing terms that is priceless.

Wavemetrix, have released some stats around this campaign:
  • Brand mentions
  • Products featured in the video (What the video is selling)
  • Social media content itself ie. people who arent so concerned with the evangelising about the brand but more the concept/video and its quality as an idea.
The chart below represents percentages of uplift in mentions and very much speaks for itself...

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