Sunday, 31 January 2010


I'm a huge believer in using what your have to the full extent of your creativity. Advertising in its digital form is often considered to offer almost limitless boundary for creativity given the technology at our disposal.

This can be said of large takeovers or widgets or apps. But what about the simple formats - the formats we see every day. When was the last time a banner COMMANDED your attention?

Just because its simple doesn't mean it cant be effective. Marrying creative concept with delivery vehicle (in this case - the literal sense of the word)is crucial to success.

So when was the last time you saw a simple Bus wrap which took your breath away..?

This is a good way... (Via bbcicecream)

(The wrap illusion is so convincing it looks like a huge prop is actually attached to the bus. Apologies to anyone who feels patronised but I genuinely wasnt sure if everyone stumbling on this would get it at first glance! -including me)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pharrell Williams (Is it the shoes???)

Say what you like about him but Pharrell Williams is one of the most creative, entrepreneurial people in the world...

Having a few entrepeneurial ventures myself, I find the interview below quite intriguing.

Not everyones cup of tea... "if you have a good idea, and the right team around you dont wait, go ahead and do it" his portfolio proves this works...

Guys with this creativity and drive inspire me so I had to blog...

Enjoy.. (or not)


SIDEBAR: Fwd to 34:15 for Pharells opinion on how digital is shaping the music industry now and in the future...

Pharrell Keynote at MIDEM 2010 from thecashmerethinker on Vimeo.

Pharells Murakami collaboration from the Pop Life exhibition at the Tate 2 weeks ago... (taken on my rubbish iPhone camera)

Back with a bang... MySpace and Adidas Originals

OK so I havent blogged in a long time. Steak has been quite the hive of activity of late and whilst Twitter has been my main outlet my blog is looking lonely and bereft.

I thought I would come back with a bang citing two of my favourite campaigns of late from mySpace and Adidas. The common denominator here is that they both use Facebook Connect...I plan to post on this very soon.


This is the most impressive custom video viral I have ever seen. Personalised videos always impress... remember this from glue? But the problem is that they have always looked choppy and well...fake. This was never an issue with the concept (which like Mini was almost always well planned out) but moreover it was an issue with the technology at the time.

Well fret no longer... give it a go. Log in with Facebook connect to witness the power...

Adidas Originals: Star Wars edition

Dear Adidas... you can do no wrong in my eyes... I am consistently impressed by your product innovation, your campaign concepts, your digital/social/guerrilla marketing endeavours and your holistic approach to communications which ties it all together. As a fan, you give me what I want and I love you for it.

Also check out... Adidas Video Viral: (Love the soundtrack)

(PS. Thanks to Kamil Yadallee over at MEC Global for sharing the links)