Friday, 18 September 2009

Jay-Z Guerrilla Marketing SoHo London Blueprint 3

These flags were cable tied to every corner lamp post in SoHo on Monday just gone by...
To the average person its a pretty obscure symbol but I happened to recognise it from the new JayZ album art. (Launch day)

This is my dilemma... If you are a fan, or you're familiar with album launch. Then does it really matter? You are going to buy the album or at least check it out on spotify anyway? right?
Alternatively, its so obscure... that if you are not a fan I imagine you wouldn't know what to make of it anyway???
That said. I liked it. But then again I have the album. So a waste of money??

Innovative? or Marketing Fail?
What do you think?

(The original cover art...)

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