Monday, 28 September 2009

Excellent Axe Print to Mobile to Outdoor...Day and Night

I came across this campaign from Axe last night and being the Ad geek that I am I had to log it here.

The picture says a thousand words really but the idea is that when you see the print ad you are intrigued enough to want to complete the ad on the page.

The call to action is simple: "To complete this ad send AXE to 2345 after 9pm" upon which you are sent the remaining pieces of the puzzle...

There has been a bit of buzz around the fact that this Ad is not revealing enough and is almost an anticlimax of sorts possibly frustrating the audience?

To me, thats missing the point, here are a number of reasons I love this ad...(Im sure I am only scratching the surface here)

  • The print ad has now become somewhat accountable via mobile
  • The ad has opened the opportunity for data collection and re-targeting
  • The engaged user has invited the brand into the most personal digital space they have in their posession (I give kudos to any brand who can do this successfully)
  • The concept is 'on-brand' ie. the user can only engage at night (Day and Night campaign)
  • The campaign has the 'cool factor' in that its innovative and clever enough to create a buzz - something that has clearly happened online

I also found this shot of AXE's outdoor endeavours for the Day and Night Campaign...

Again, great stuff.

To me this is an inspirational campaign and has already given me ideas for my clients which I would develop from this. Big kudos to Lowe Ginko the agency responsible.

Update: Lowe Ginko site seems to be down at the time of posting

When advertising goes too far... DVLA, Castrol and Outdoor

When I initially heard about this I genuinely thought it was pretty genius.

Oil is pretty boring and lets face it anything innovative or clever usually gets my vote.

So I did have to catch myself on a little bit when I considered the full implications of this campaign and think about this more as a battle of Innovation vs Ethics. Just because you can do it doesnt mean you should.

Sometimes I feel the public can be a little over-sensitive about the data protection issue. For instance I never really understood the Fear Factor that Phorm raised within people. Maybe its because I'm pretty familiar with how behavioural targeting actually works but I just didnt get what the problem was. But thats for another day... In terms of this campaign however, its pretty obvious what the problem is here: its the sale of public data without their permission.

So unfortunately for me... Innovation 0 Ethics 1

Full Story here

I like this...

(Via Coolhunting)

Friday, 25 September 2009

Cool Digital Outdoor (Nikon)

Im a bit late... but had to blog it.

The red carpet is an amazing touch. We dont see enough of this in London for my liking. Could it be due to London Transport restrictions?

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Louis Vuitton campaigns hailed as 'Digital Genius'

Anyone who knows me will remember I am a huge Louis Vuitton fan. For me it is the height of luxury meeting design and I am fortunate enough to own a couple of pieces.

What I like about LV is that they are not afraid to try new things. For one of the oldest most established fashion houses in the world that has got to be respected. (See QR code above)

So I wasnt too suprised to hear that New York Universitys Stern School of business hailed the brand as Digital Genius...

Im not sure some of these other luxury brands will be use to being defined as 'average' and 'feeble' but in the Luxury Vertical it seems some brands dabble while others just 'GET' Digital.

Download the full report here

See some excellent Louis Vuitton Digital Strategy here

All comments welcome.

Augmented Reality on Iphone... Bionic Eye

Whilst reading this article from Revolution I couldnt help but admire the business model of this iPhone App Bionic Eye.

The app is charged at £0.59p and will surely fly for the sake of the cool factor... but I imagine that the brands on this app will have to pay to be included (if they havent already).

Win win... I think I will download it later.

Also interesting to think... could we call this virtual out door?????? :)

Friday, 18 September 2009

Jay-Z Guerrilla Marketing SoHo London Blueprint 3

These flags were cable tied to every corner lamp post in SoHo on Monday just gone by...
To the average person its a pretty obscure symbol but I happened to recognise it from the new JayZ album art. (Launch day)

This is my dilemma... If you are a fan, or you're familiar with album launch. Then does it really matter? You are going to buy the album or at least check it out on spotify anyway? right?
Alternatively, its so obscure... that if you are not a fan I imagine you wouldn't know what to make of it anyway???
That said. I liked it. But then again I have the album. So a waste of money??

Innovative? or Marketing Fail?
What do you think?

(The original cover art...)