Thursday, 25 June 2009

Michael Jacksons Dies... Twitter watches on... my experience

I recieved a text about Michael Jackson having a heart attack. Like everyone else I found it difficult to believe. For the first time I checked Twitter as news of a heart attack broke. I watched rumours grow over about half an hour. Hundreads of tweets appearing every few seconds.

Upon one refresh, within 4 seconds 13,000 tweets had appeared as news of his death broke on

The terms Michael Jackson and cardiac arrest creeped up the trend monitor on the right hand side of the screen until they reached the top of the rankings. Upon which twitter failed to cope.

It was a truely surreal experience to watch a news event as huge as this break in real time.

Its hard to describe how strange it was unless you saw it happen. Im just disappointed it had to be in terms of such bad news. A true music legend has passed on.

Monday, 15 June 2009

KFC Brands.......................................EARTH?

Dont know whether to love or hate this...definately worth a blog post anyway.

Full marks for ingenuity...

Were you hit by the Twitpocalypse? :)

I noticed at the weekend that I couldnt access my Twitterific account via iPhone. I was thinking to myself: "another iPhone related fault" Apparantly not. Apparantly Twitter was hit by what is being dubbed: The Twitpocalypse.

The Twitpocalypse is very much like the Y2K Bug. Commentators predicted that on Friday at

the unique identifier associated with each Tweet would exceed 2,147,483,647. Third party apps would not be able to cope with this number and revert into negative digits causing a Y2K type crash.

Sure enough this appears to be what happened. Quite funny really.

My Twitterific is still down and at some point today I will go off and figure out what I have to do to update it....