Thursday, 28 May 2009

NMK Article Contribution: My thoughts on In Game Advertising...

My quotes from: In-Game Advertising: Not Mass Market….Yet from

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Market Reform:
So whose job is it to get organisations marketing via games? John Barton, head of planning at digital marketing agency Steak, believes his peers have a critical role to play in raising the profile of in-game advertising among their client base.

“As it is largely down to agencies to promote emerging technology and communications channels to clients I suspect that this grey area is a contributing factor toward its lack of adoption so far,” he told NMK. “The problem here is that clients still expect digital planning to be rationalised by behaviour and more importantly accurate accountability. Even for what we might term ‘traditional’ digital branding campaigns we are seeing a shift in key performance indicators (KPIs) from principles of simple reach and click-through rates (CTRs) to brand response. With the exception of [virtual world] Second Life, users cannot currently translate their actions within the gaming environment directly into real world.”

The Long Game:
Steak’s Barton believes that in-game advertising is here to stay and could form an important part of the marketing mix to hit certain demographics, but it may take some time to become a mainstream marketing discipline.

“Of course, there is a solid argument to be made in favour of in-game engagement, share of voice and targeting a likely demographic. However, until the issue of behaviour and accurate accountability is tackled either directly or via cross channel strategy, I suspect it will take a while before we see IGA as a regular fixture on digital media plans,” he concluded.

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