Thursday, 21 May 2009

Brilliant Campaign for Yahoo! Brilliant

Not sure how to categorize this campaign… Guerrilla, Social, Mobile, Outdoor? I’m thinking all of the above?
I hadn’t heard anything about this in the press and literally ‘Stumbled Across’ the guerrilla placement on the pavement outside the Hospital Club in Covent Garden. (Pic Below)

In terms of an overview, its pretty self explanatory, Yahoo! Have placed ‘Brilliant Spots’ all over London where users can take Photographs from their perspective and MMS them straight into the website 24/7. The ‘brilliant spots’ campaign seems to be a well thought through push for their new site, which at the moment seems to be live in a simple blog format.

Brilliant Spots also makes full use of the flicker mapping API which is synched to guerrilla placements all over London.

It remains to be seen whether will develop into a full Web2.0 Incarnation. However assuming the objective was to encourage and exploit the simplicity of interactivity with the site Yahoo have done well to mobilise a nicely integrated strategy. With 272 uploads at the time of writing it will be interesting to see how this will be rolled out in the future and what other channels will be exploited going forward.

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