Thursday, 28 May 2009

NMK Article Contribution: My thoughts on In Game Advertising...

My quotes from: In-Game Advertising: Not Mass Market….Yet from

Full Aricle here:

Market Reform:
So whose job is it to get organisations marketing via games? John Barton, head of planning at digital marketing agency Steak, believes his peers have a critical role to play in raising the profile of in-game advertising among their client base.

“As it is largely down to agencies to promote emerging technology and communications channels to clients I suspect that this grey area is a contributing factor toward its lack of adoption so far,” he told NMK. “The problem here is that clients still expect digital planning to be rationalised by behaviour and more importantly accurate accountability. Even for what we might term ‘traditional’ digital branding campaigns we are seeing a shift in key performance indicators (KPIs) from principles of simple reach and click-through rates (CTRs) to brand response. With the exception of [virtual world] Second Life, users cannot currently translate their actions within the gaming environment directly into real world.”

The Long Game:
Steak’s Barton believes that in-game advertising is here to stay and could form an important part of the marketing mix to hit certain demographics, but it may take some time to become a mainstream marketing discipline.

“Of course, there is a solid argument to be made in favour of in-game engagement, share of voice and targeting a likely demographic. However, until the issue of behaviour and accurate accountability is tackled either directly or via cross channel strategy, I suspect it will take a while before we see IGA as a regular fixture on digital media plans,” he concluded.

Spotify Mobile Demo - iTunes be afraid?

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Brilliant Campaign for Yahoo! Brilliant

Not sure how to categorize this campaign… Guerrilla, Social, Mobile, Outdoor? I’m thinking all of the above?
I hadn’t heard anything about this in the press and literally ‘Stumbled Across’ the guerrilla placement on the pavement outside the Hospital Club in Covent Garden. (Pic Below)

In terms of an overview, its pretty self explanatory, Yahoo! Have placed ‘Brilliant Spots’ all over London where users can take Photographs from their perspective and MMS them straight into the website 24/7. The ‘brilliant spots’ campaign seems to be a well thought through push for their new site, which at the moment seems to be live in a simple blog format.

Brilliant Spots also makes full use of the flicker mapping API which is synched to guerrilla placements all over London.

It remains to be seen whether will develop into a full Web2.0 Incarnation. However assuming the objective was to encourage and exploit the simplicity of interactivity with the site Yahoo have done well to mobilise a nicely integrated strategy. With 272 uploads at the time of writing it will be interesting to see how this will be rolled out in the future and what other channels will be exploited going forward.

Check out

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lynx Bullet: Social Media Push

Noticed a new Lynx Social Media Project via an MSN Messenger Text Link Prompt.

They usually do this stuff very well re: the 'ManWash' a year or two ago.

Their Digital Agency escapes me right now. Just wanted to post the link before I forgot.

They have over 300 friends so far so it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Sidebar: Part of me is still a little shocked at the enthusiasm of myspace users. I dont know anyone on myspace anymore!

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Friday, 15 May 2009

Smart Car With Google Maps from Weapon 7

I am late but came accross this campaign from Weapon7 today for SmartCar.

An excellent use of the API.

As with many of the best ideas in the world...

Simple but effective.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Representing Steak at eConsultancy round table - key highlights

Really interesting chat at yesterdays eConsultancy round table on Mobile.

AKQA: Jonathan Hum

Met with AKQA's Jonathan Hum where we spoke about the highly commended Nike ID campaign. Very interesting insights indeed.

Nokia/Point and Click: Duncan Beard

Also met with Duncan Beard from Nokia, he introduced us to his thoughts on mobile adoption across the world pointing out that the less developed countries had leapfrogged traditional technological developments in Internet infrastructure in favour of the mobile. He also spoke about point and find technology. A step in the right direction from similar QR code technology of which I have experience in. I look forward to seeing how this develops going forward.

Orange: Mark-Watts Jones

Mark Watts-Jones of Orange had offered an amazing insight into mobile adoption from a providers perspective. Pointing out a very clear split in how the technology would be adopted by the audience on the horizon.

As he sees it, rather an idea of inevitable mass audience adoption, most likely there will be a growth in users who consume the richer media experience and those who will continue to use mobile in the more basic sense. An idea I would gravitate towards myself until proven otherwise.

My thoughts on Applications VS the evolution and adoption of the mobile web under 'READ MORE'

Applications VS the evolution and adoption of the mobile web: My thoughts

There was also much debate among delegates as to the future of applications vs. the growth and development of the mobile Internet adoption. Would applications one day be made redundant? Were they a flash in the pan?

The consensus seemed to be no. They will always have a purpose. However, their continued evolution and success will be led by their effectiveness in solving problems and connecting (as yet) unconnected touch points.

From an agency perspective I was interested to see that some delegates felt that applications were in some way De-valued by their proven short life span. Siting the prompt deletion of applications as evidence of their long term ineffectiveness.

I and others argue that this is irellevant in terms of a short campaign with clear KPI's. If the app such as VW's polo racing game (Which I personally downloaded recently, completed and have never played again) makes it into the users most personal digital space in the first place, then it has aguably achieved share of voice and served its purpose. This is where I feel the application space shines.

Overall a great day and thought provoking debates.