Friday, 6 February 2009

Whilst waiting for my train...Ronaldinho and Photocopiers

So anyone who knows me will know that I sometimes blog about things I see as I travel around London.

Being on the Tube, we are regularly exposed to Outdoor advertising. In my opinion, advertising on the Tube holds probably the most captive audience next to Cinema. Therefore to see full motion and digital poster advertising on the tube is fantastic. (I will make a full post on this in the near future)

I mean, why wouldnt I want to watch it? I have nothing better to do while I wait for my train? But being in the industry you could say I take more of a vested interest in the ads I see daily than the ordinary person.

So I came accross this ad from Konica Minolta featuring Ronaldinho. I had enough time to read the ad and think: "What has Ronaldinho possibly got to do with Photocopiers????"
With all due respect to the ads creators, id be curious to know if the brief went something along the lines of: Get their attention (ie.massive picture of a great footballer)and ummmm...figure the rest out later on.

Which they did, click on the picture above to zoom on the strap line. Huh?

Maybe KM is one of his many MANY sponsors? Even if they are, I didn't get it. But maybe I'm missing something... But even if I am and the only reason I have absorbed the message is because 'I like clever ads'. It begs the question: how many small business owners saw the synergy or absorbed the message? (Maybe the ones who are football fans?)

Its just my opinion, but you be the judge...

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