Sunday, 25 January 2009

YouTube Streetfighter - Interactive game (Advertisement)

CLICK HERE: YouTube Streetfighter
(Make sure you select High Quality) ;)

Well it seems there is no end to the creativity of the 'Annotations' function of YouTube.

YouTube Streetfighter is a must see. It's a pretty cool use of the YouTubes flash core.

Its by no means polished, but thats more of a limitation of YouTube than the concepts creativity.

Since the entire game/video is stop motion animated with the very Toys it is advertising, the engaging element wins the battle over a traditional option.

Given the tools available, its an amazing and clever concept. As a Streefighter fan myself I was compelled to have a play. However I feel that this idea will also appeal to fans of quite simply: The 'Cool Factor'.

As a result the 4 Million Plays/Views Since published on the 15th of January 2009 will no doubt soar as the Viral/Cool Factor element takes effect.

For me, this is another example of a campaign that has chosen to embrace the very latest Digital trends over more traditional means with what would appear to be great success.

However for that success the means must justify the end. Streetfighter is just the sort of cult phenomenon that would sit confortably in this sort of campaign.

CLICK HERE: YouTube Streetfighter
(Make sure you select High Quality) ;)

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