Saturday, 13 September 2008

Bread and the new Hovis Ad

I just saw the new Back to the future-esque Hovis AD which was launched during x factor.
I must say I thought it made for compelling viewing.

It had a tough act to follow in terms of the last 'BIG' Ad venture in the form of Ridley Scotts "greatest Ad of all time" 'The Bike Ride' which of course is imprinted on our minds as Iconic.

It's around 2-3 minutes long and charts a young boy traveling home from the baker with a loaf of bread (nothing new there).

The format is given a makeover as he runs through a time warp on his way home. Running through various scenes his surroundings change with every corner turned. From ww2 soldiers to mods and punks the time periods and genres get more modern as the ad plays out and the boy arrives home in todays surroundings.

The Ad charts britains last 122 years of History it really was excellently shot and directed. I found myself glued. *edit*I have since found out that the AD is 122 Seconds exactly for each year of history!*

There was something nostalgic and charming about it. For me it was a great example of how to work with a brands core identity in this case being tradition and wholesome British values and revamp it for a modern more cynical audience. I'm extremely cynical and I certainly 'got it'.

I'm wondering can there ever be a place for FMCG brands like Hovis in digital?
Of course there was the Warburtons 'Ask Mr Warburton' campaign which I thought was a nice brand fit and a good attempt at convergence with TV. Would be nice to know how well this went.

Bike Ride: Directed by Ridley Scott.

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