Wednesday, 24 September 2008

App Makes $250k in 2 months

Iphone Developer of Trism makes $250,000 in 2 Months as a "side project"...


A side project turned into 250K of profit for iPhone puzzle game creator, Steve Demeter. His popular game, Trism, generated the profit over two months even after Apple’s large 30% take of sales and Demeter’s start-up investment of $5,000. While many developers complain about Apple’s seemingly excessive take, he is quite pleased with their management & troubleshooting services…something that will keep him from developing titles for other OS’s like Google’s long-awaited Android (that will be unveiled today).

Google is hoping their open-sourced platform will encourage independent developers like Demeter to create superior, user-friendly applications for a completely fluid & customizable operating system…leaving mobile OS’s like Windows Mobile that is heavily laden with proprietary, bulky and sometimes useless software, behind.

For me, this throws light on the whole Open Source VS Moderated SDKs for Apple and Google (Android) I have a feeling that Android might be too good to be true and that the Open source element may prove problematic in the long-run. Could someone out there produce the first Android Virus? I hope I'm wrong. I would like to see something/someone make Apple stay one step (further) ahead of the game.

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